This Is What Happens When White People Get Bored

The Internet, Revolutionary Cosplayers and Boredom go to Washington.

Whiffs of fascism and teargas aside, this is what you get when a significant part of the population that has been fed at the teat of cable news networks repeating conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. This is what you get when you have a major political party that, in the pursuit of power, excuses racism, sexism and all of the other isms that seem to such a degree that they are willing to let hundreds of thousands of people die instead of doing the bare minimum.

This was an utter catastrophe, but a completely avoidable one. We spent the last four years trying to find sympathy in these people. Trying to understand the hows and whys about this eponymous Trump Voter. The it has been abundantly clear to me: once the discussions about the economy and taxes and healthcare break down, the only thing left to stand on is putrid racism and bigotry. They have pledged allegiance to a homicidal and genocidal death cult in the name of what, exactly? Freedom to perish in a blaze?

The mainstream media aligned with the left, as I am writing, are live on air reveling in their ability to smugly say “I told you so”. And they did tell us so, but their hands are not clean. As for the Newsmaxs of the world, they are trying to explain away how a “protest turned ugly” when they have spent the last four fucking years pouring kerosene on these people’s delusions.

This is a coup.

If anyone had been paying attention to, or cared about sites like Parler, they would have seen this coming from a mile away. Where were the police? Where was the Military Industrial Complex that was at the ready to gas, bludgeon and shoot people who were protesting being gassed bludgeoned and shot by the state?

This is what happens when law enforcement is so apathetic to the humanity of the people they are supposed to “protect and serve”, and so riddled with bigots, that they will allow black bodies to lie to bake in the sun after being murdered by the state. These people at the capitol have been so coddled by their own whiteness, fortified by their ignorance, and made rabid by their idle fucking existence in suburban America and addiction to cable news. They would rather attempt an insurrection on behalf, and at the behest of a man who has relentlessly lied to them, and has made all their lives demonstrably worse, than allow any room in their brain for the humanity of anyone else.

It is imperative that we keep at the front our minds that half of the country wanted this. This is not the death knell of a waning ideology, however delusional. This is a here, right now.