The Good Nazis Are Leaving the Building


In the aftermath of one of the most obscene displays of fascist loyalty in the United States since the 1939 rally at Madison Square Garden, many Trump sycophants are resigning in an insulting attempt of eleventh hour courage. Democratic lawmakers have pushed for removing the President through invoking the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, though Vice President Pence has, in private, dismissed the likelihood of his involvement in that effort. Many congressional leaders are also calling for another impeachment.

If one were to make a superficial reading of the sudden resignations, with twelve days remaining in this current Administration, you would see a group of people distancing themselves from a dangerous, abhorrent man’s failed leadership. A more sobering and truer reading, is that the cabinet members and staffers that are jumping ship, many of whom have held multiple positions under this President through 99.9% of his term, are now looking to preserve what reputations they have left, whilst also abdicating their responsibility for their central role in this utter catastrophe.

The fascist insurrection at the behest President Trump was apparently a step too far for a hand full of the good Nazis, who stood by and silently as the police beat people within an inch of their life protesting police brutality, as border patrol and ICE agents abused and sterilized detainees and as white supremacists gathered time and time again to cause havoc, mayhem and death.

We should not forget their names. We should not forget the elected officials who, in the face of a deadly fascist act of terrorism, continued to support the lies that brought the violence to their front door. We should not ignore the reality that a number of lawmakers participated in the meticulously planned siege. We should never forget those who have boldly remained after fragrantly violating their oath of office. While some of the good Nazis are have managed their way out, many will continue to do the work of white supremacy under the guise of law and order and the cover of the Republican Party.


As for the man himself, who is no doubt considering another unprecedented act of cowardice in the form of a self pardon, he is not the problem. As it has been said many times before, he is born of a kleptocratic, oligarchical, white white supremacist, capitalistic culture of greed and white hysteria. Trump is a metastasized tumor on American Democracy, but I am confident that there are a number of nations that would say the same about America herself. Acknowledging anything less is akin to urinating on the unmarked graves of Native Americans and my enslaved forbearers. White supremacy and mass death are the founding principals of this country.

The good Nazis are sick with power, emboldened by a country that does very little to hold white supremacy to task, and refuses to acknowledge the ongoing Black/white divide as nothing short of long, protracted genocide. It takes an act of mass death, and for the perpetrators to literally lay it out for them that that their motivation is one of pure hatred and terror for this Nation to acknowledge that there might be problem. This ignorant notion of these events “not being who we are” is a mortal fallacy. This is exactly who we are. The sooner we accept that, a generation of children may, in our near future, have a chance to be released from the pathology of whiteness.


If you ask a black person how they are doing today, you will deserve no answer. The police presence at the Capitol building that were so cordial and permissive of a fascist mob should make it clear as day. Compare that to the military forces that awaited Black Lives Matter protesters a year ago. From where we sit, this there is n’err thing new about what we have here. Continuing to uphold the tenets of white supremacy will all but guarantee that we are not long for this earth. Perhaps, even, we do not deserve her.

For those of us who have not been subsumed by this mass delusion, we can not, and should not forgive any of the good Nazis — elected or unelected. That would be a dereliction of our duty as countrymen.

writer. new york.