Some weeks ago Samantha Bee (a comedian), in trying to trying to highlight how ‘bad’ Ivanka Trump is for women, punctuated her analysis by calling her a feckless cunt. Presumably, Bee was trying to deliberately use the term to cut as deep as possible, and illustrate how strongly she and her writers feel about what the First (and favorite) daughter represents to a generation of women she aims to inspire and ultimately make money off of.

From a comedic standpoint, it was perhaps lazy, but from a personal standpoint, you can imagine how you can quickly reach your wits end and reduce yourself to name calling when your job is to seek out hypocrisy. This, unfortunately, gives the practitioners of “traditional values”, who hide behind Southern finishing school manners in presentation, while the simultaneously committing egregious acts of legislative violence against the citizenry, insist on placing all of the burden of decency on people like Samatha Bee, Michelle Wolfe and the rest of us, could be the biggest hypocrisy of all. They vigorously decry political correctness in the name of telling the ‘truth’, but only when whatever truth they subscribe to in that moment serves them.

Michelle Wolfe (a comedian), for example, blithely took apart press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s roll as the mouthpiece of an historically dishonest administration during the White House Correspondents dinner. The same dinner where supposedly comedian Seth Myers roasted then citizen Donald Trump so bad that it was the jokes were catalyst for his actually taking running for President seriously. We all know how that turned out. Myers, didn’t catch nearly as much flack. However, like Sanders in the present, Trump had spent the better part the previous year lying to the public by evangelizing the birther conspiracy to gain favor with a constituency that would later elect him to the highest office in the land. Myers Michelle Wolf on the other hand, bluntly called Huckabee Sanders a liar — which she is — and lightly danced around the subject of her dark eyeshadow (a perfect smokey eye) being the burnt embers of truth. And to a lesser extent, she reminded Wolfe of a character from the Handmaid’s Tale. All decidedly far more poetic than Bee calling Ivanka a cunt, but she apparently, Wolfe flew far too close to the sun by speaking about something that might have to do with how she looks. The outrage machine became radical feminists all of a sudden. Even the Liberal Media decided it was too far to even mention anything that has to do with her physical appearance.

Apparently, now was a good time to side with a women who’s daily ritual is to lie and lie and lie and lie. A woman who just recently refused to answer a question about the United States’s policy of removing children form their parents permanently and placing them in internment camps as a deterrent for illegal immigration — even though many of the parents are seeking asylum through if not legal, desperate means. And at the same time, in the name of women, ostracize another woman who boldly went where no one had gone before — calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders a liar.

But according to the perpetrators, the burden to be halfway descent rests solely on the shoulders on those who are outraged by their hypocrisy, and the lying, and the maiming of the truth.

The blowback for Sam Bee was swift. She later apologized saying that she, instead of using the c-word in an effort reclaim it, she used it purely “as an insult.” Well, yeah. She went on to say that she was most sorry about giving bait to the twenty four hour news cycle, adding to the distraction away from the very real issue this administration’s violent immigration policy as it concerns children and their being forcibly removed from their parents.

None of this was about how Huckabee Sanders looks (because that really doesn’t matter; she is liar). Neither does it concern how much of a garbage person Ivanka Trump is — or even about comedic integrity. It is about how when faced with facts and criticisms, this administration and it’s surrogates in the news or on Twitter, can on one hand blindly advocate for racist, and sexist policies — you know, the things that actually affect and can destroy peoples lives — but in the other hand be so delicate that the second someone calls them out on it, it is literally the worst thing in the world – for the moment.

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