Sean Spicer is still, and will always be, the worst

Sean Spicer is not a cab driver that by chance picked up a group of bank robbers and is now in a high speed chase. He is not a character in this story that, once the whole mishap is figured out, get’s to say “Wow, that was crazy!” and go home. He was not a hapless buffoon that stumbled onto a movie set, mistaken for the star, and immediately sent to makeup and told to read his lines in front of the hot lights. Though that’s the way the Emmy’s and late night network talk shows have you see it. Sean Spicer was a paid liar, the mouthpiece for one of the most racist, mysoginisitic, xenophobic and not to mention egregiously dishonest administrations in the history of modern American politics. And this cannot be understated, forgotten or undone.

My first bit of confusion came when I saw that Spicer was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel. Likely a bid by his agent — or the show — to drum up some ratings interest ahead of his appearance on the Emmy’s that weekend on another network. I hadn’t expected Kimmel to do anything except poke fun and rehash jokes about his suits or, Melissa McCarthy’s version of him on Saturday Night Live. To my surprise, to end the interview Kimmel asked halfway seriously if Spicer was trying to distance himself from the President, to which Spicer responded sternly, but in a nervous laughter, “No, I’m not.”

This weekend, the corporate media and the Hollywood class squeezed the last bit of ratings out of Sean Spicer — not in order to publicly disgrace him, nor to confront him to his face about how he chose to be the mouthpiece of a racist, but to use him as the butt of a joke that they let him in on. And when he had the opportunity to offer some sort of remorse — selfishly or not — he chose to stand by a man who’s pursuit of his own self interest is undoing and undermining the United States as we know it. All involved are complicit in normalizing racism and white supremacy when it was so easy not to.

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