Donald Trump Will Die on His Wall

Original draft written 2 January, 2019

More dutiful minds than I have opined, ad nauseam, about the “battle” over the fact that Trumps “border wall” isn’t even about a physical wall anymore, which he has (as of a few hours ago) claimed is “mostly….built” and paid for — which is a massive lie. What definition of the wall is or will be, exactly, has remained as mailable as it’s main cheerleader’s ethics. It is both metaphor, and symbol, a political fulcrum, and rhetorical pacifier for his base. And perhaps most aptly, a mythical monument to his inadequacy as a leader. While in the mean time, the stalemate has left hundreds of thousands of people out of work, and hundreds (of thousands) more without pay, along with may more without crucial social services. And most devastatingly for the non-salaried earners and contractors, they have no potential to recoup lost wages. The Trump administration has all but given up attempts to justify, explain or even answer questions coherently. Trump himself has literally and figuratively locked himself in his room to avoid the work it requires to make it seem as if he even cares about anything substantive in regards to governance.

The President is holding the conversation hostage, thus he is also holding American jobs for ransom for a measly sum of five point six billion dollars. Never mind the two bills having already been passed through the House and Senate unanimously, giving him some amount of the funding for his wall, in expectation that that we can just get on with it and put people back to work. Never mind his eagerly taking responsibility for the “Trump Shutdown” in one breath, and then immediately take to rebranding it as the “Democrat shutdown” on Twitter. Never mind the two children that have died in custody of the United States Border Patrol due to callous neglect, and the scores of others who have been irreparably harmed by the profoundly inhumane and diabolically evil policies adapted by a spineless administration with zero plan. And not to mention the very real crisis of Climate Change that is being completely ignored. There are no amount of adjectives that can fully encapsulate how repugnant these people are.

We are living at the mercy of a very weak man’s ego, simply because at his core, he knows he has absolutely nothing else. He has little political footing left. Never mind his floating the idea of postponing the 2020 election, the administration has also seriously entertained the idea of declaring a bullshit national emergency to justify deploying resources to the southern border to build his wall. This, a sloppy attempt to circumvent congress and the constitution.

When Trump inevitably leaves office, whether in two or, God forbid, six years, there will be no more Donald Trump, if there ever was one at all. All of his colleagues will likely abandon him. Should any of their careers remain salvageable, their time under the President will be a pock mark on their CV’s. The Republican sycophants, if they are not replaced, will go on to suckle at the teat of some other demagogue, corporate interest —or the bottle — and hope to forget this fever dream.

Personally, as I try to negotiate my bewilderment and despair, I have to remind myself that the inaction of government, née mostly white people in government, when it comes to poor peoples and colored peoples, who remain overwhelmingly poor, comes as no shock. Though I growing increasingly uneasy, as it highlights how unfettered power fueled by white supremacy and kleptocratic corporatism works. Point blank. This is perhaps most vividly illustrated by the demographics of the Republican and Democratic parties now inhabiting congress. The former looks like, and presumably has the zeal of, a board meeting at Nabisco. Where the latter looks like a fun family block party — with rides. That is to say: the elected representatives of the Republican Party are almost entirely white men, as is Trump’s under-furnished cabinet. And the democratic party, at least visually, more resembles the country we actually live in, not some ungodly frat house. Like Trump, all of these white men do not believe in death for themselves. Well, perhaps only under the most noble circumstances. Their legacies, through the sheer will of white supremacy and a revisionist tradition, will never hold them in anything less than great esteem for their service to their country.

Paul Ryan, perhaps the most despicable of the cowards, upon the announcement of his unceremonious retirement, embarked on a farewell tour, rewriting his own history, and parading around his career as Speaker of the House as something other than a complete failure. One that amounted to nothing and helped no one — except billionaires. But for white men like Ryan, there is a robust and swift mechanism to absorb such abysmal failures who have a brand name: a book deal, some bloated salaried position in the private sector, and/or peddling his neo-Randian drivel in the halls academia. But likely, for Ryan, he will score all three. For the President however, the fall is likely to be less gracious, albeit cataclysmic .

For Trump, instead of catching a clue from his mounting isolation, he instead haphazardly weaves tales around the decamped (as the media so generously touted) “adults in the room”. Feverishly thumbing that the desertion of their posts was tantamount to his being stabbed in his large, orange back. As apposed to (though highly improbable), I dunno, suddenly gaining a conscience. The likely calculus, however, in seeing the impending indictments, they would much rather fade into obscurity than have their reputations bazooka’d. Smart.

Donald Trump has fallen right in line as one more white person who has left nothing in his wake but spectacular failure. Short a few golden piles of excrement with his name on it, the wellbeing of his countrymen would seem to be the furthest thing from his mind. White people have been failing in this fashion on all levels well before the United States was even grumbled about, with little to non-existent historical consequence. And my use of the word failure is kind, because many of said spectacular failures amounted genocides, massive land thefts, ethnic cleansing campaigns, state sanctioned lynchings, burnings, etc. Not to mention The Great Depression, Jim Crow and so on. I am still taken aback, daily, by the simple unwillingness, for example, to simply call the President a liar. “Untruths” and “statements without proof” be damned!

As the days, weeks and months trudge along, The President’s spectacular displays of incompetence are proving tectonic. And as is tradition, it is abundantly evident that Trump would rather bury the whole thing — along with his perverted legacy — than concede. He clearly holds his supporters in utter contempt, and he lazily woos them with his bloviation and glaring racism. And they in turn, do the rest of the work for him. As for his ardent detractors, well, we are Fake News. This is why the Donald Trump we know will perish atop his big beautiful wall, for this is what white men like him always do when faced with existential peril. Whether or not he takes my country with him, is yet to be seen.

writer. new york.