Donald Trump is America, and We Are Sick

First, in the words of YG and the late Nipsey Hussle, “Fuck Donald Trump” and fuck every single thing he stands for. Please believe me when I say that. I mean it from the deepest, darkest most vengeful part of my soul. But isn’t that the point? None of us are immune from it. Trumpism and the dark money that has funded and propagated this four year experiment has dragged us all down to the dregs of ourselves, right along with the man himself.

Donald J. Trump, the forty-fifth President of the United States is in the hospital right now because of his full blown idiocy. Through unwillingness, blind commitment to his own cult, or some dark forces that may not be known for quite some time — or all three.

I will admit, little moments of glee surfaced when I heard the news that the President and his wife tested positive for COVID-19 early this morning. Hell, I even made a meme about it. Something that, when you think about it for more than a second, is contrary to my moral foundation, but it was low hanging fruit for a cheap laugh on the internet.

Ultimately, whatever catharsis his situation offers, if you are not completely consumed with rage and revenge, it will be fleeting. It is purely self serving. If Trump ends up not being able to fulfill his duties as President any longer for the next months or ever, there are a long line of people behind him that will continue to work every day to undermine democracy. Remember this.

I will concede that Trump is a unique figure, in that I doubt that anyone could have predicted that he would hold 45% of the electorate hostage in a personality cult. And in turn, morph Republican politicians into sycophantic lunatics willing to put themselves, their families and their constituents in harms way to appease The Base. But this particular brand of lunacy is a part of participating in a society. Sometimes, our institutions are able to either prevent, defer or divert these types of figures or ideologies from taking hold for fear of this exact scenario. Other times it emboldens and supports them, either explicitly or implicitly. Lest we forget that this country fought a war over the right to own human beings. The South still celebrates that loss, and transformed it into a perverted heritage. Some of you might say that “slavery was a long time ago” but I always use the analogy — as far as the United States is concerned — look at Black folks as canaries. We die first, so that you, maybe, might learn what not to do. We do not want to die anymore. Especially for a job we absolutely did not ask for.

Back to morality for a second: as easy it is to point to Trump’s failings because we don’t like them — and they’re so utterly stupid and cruel — it would be profoundly hypocritical if we lay the 200,000+ deaths at Trump’s feet, but not acknowledge — with more than a wink and nod — that his predecessors, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and their Administrations are responsible for scores of human casualties through their foreign policies. The Bush administration started two now decades long wars under false pretenses. And Obama’s eight years, ramped it up and wholly owned the drone program. These wars have claimed the lives of civilians abroad and service members who were sent to their death, believing they were defending our freedom to stick our fingers in our ears and cover our eyes.

The failures are many, and stretch across all of of our institutions. In so far as COVID-19, it the failures apparently began with the White House, but were amplified by the senate and congress. Then to state and city governments. Then to for profit hospitals and healthcare networks.

As it pertains to the moral question, our mainstream media — which likes to hold itself in high esteem — is just addicted to the nonsense as we are. Our torment is their food. Now that the receipts are finally coming out, the media is in “we told you so” mode, though they are largely responsible for either over, or underreporting the impending madness.

Social networks and the tech companies that claim to be trying to bring us together, failed. The moral failing here is so epic that, even with all the things we could point our finger at, the proliferation of social media and venture capital might be the biggest blunder our civilization has ever made.

I’m not saying anything new. And to be honest, at this point, I am nauseated. This is a look in a fucking mirror moment. A moment crystalized in a single man — just as hope is crystalized in the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. and in November 2007 — and that man is Donald Trump. He is a bloated, superficial, grotesque and obese manifestation of America.

We are hurt, and we are hurting. It is only natural to want the bad thing to go away. But if we want Trumpism to go away — which is just bargain brand authoritarianism with a dash of fascism — we have to go all the way.

Trump made his bed, and unfortunately he may pay for it with his life. But do not allow the frenzy to distract from the real mission — ours, and their’s.


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