First, if you’re offended by the word “cracker”, think about the last time your employer, teacher or anyone responsible for your livelihood and well being called you a cracker.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way. Two of the biggest, richest crackers of all time have taken their enormous fortunes and embarked on the “final frontier”. The final frontier of course, being space. This was something that, in the pas, only governments were idiotic enough attempt. The Space Race in the 1960s was an exercise of empire (and dick measuring). Either way, this is the pinnacle of white male hubris since slavery — or any war, hedge fund, or startup really. The other final frontier is death. Many great men have attempted to conquer death by way of modern medicine, alcohol and drug abuse or a self inflicted bullet in the head. The latter: going out on their own terms. But space is different. It is an environment so incompatible to human life that there’s literally only one place (that we know about) in the whole entirety of the universe that can sustain the life of our squishy bodies without us exploding, and we are actively trying to ruin that.

Yet, given all of the information and loss of life over the last seventy years we’ve been sending things up into the void Bezoz, Branson and and to a slightly lesser extent, Elon Musk, looked up and said “I want to go to there.”

Obviously, the words of Gil Scott Heron’s ‘Whitey On The Moon’ can’t help but ring very loudly in my head. The idea that there is so much wealth, not only in the coffers of government, but in the hands of private citizens, yet the basic needs of their fellow countrymen are all but ignored or seen as an annoyance and an impedance of the “free” market. Such a grotesque display of wealth and self fellation by single men should be unacceptable in a nation that is about to see an historic rise in poverty after the enhanced unemployment benefits expire in September — even after one of the most economically challenging periods in American history.

Covid is not gone, but these crackers are in space.

“Space” might I add is used very loosely in all of this. They essentially touched the rim once and haven’t stopped talking about it since ninth grade.

Also, Bezos, in a sorry attempt to deflect the ire of the public after riding his own automated metal dick into space, gave Van Jonas and Jose Andres 100M each to do “whatever they want” with. Fuck. Outta. Here. Yet the corporate media ate it up as if they had actually done something by “giving away” a percentage of a percent of his wealth that he’ll just make back in the next thirty days. I can’t even get a corporation to pay me $250 on time.

Get off the fucking moon and pay your people a livable wage!